Friday, 8 May 2015

Pilot Plant Testing of Distillation Process

Our industry-pilot distillation system is available for testing feed stocks in temperature range from 50°C to 320°C in vacuum, atmosphere and pressure for absorption, distillation and reactive distillation. On the basis of these tests we get the full scale design, products quality and yield.  All these results are guarantees for a future successful project implementation.  As results of co-operation with our team you will get most efficiency and profitable solution for your project. 

Our pilot distillation column has 21 trays with column diameter 325mm. Power 60 KW. The pressure range is 5kPa - 1MPa. Liquid flow range is 0.2 – 1 m3/hr. Operation modes are: stripping column; stripping column without selection of the bottom liquid; rectification part of column; rectification column at infinite reflux Ratio (R=∞)

The high level of competition in business gives a high rate of improvement of production processes with a constant increasing of the quality of the products and reducing of their costs. The leadership position in the market could be provided by permanent scientific research development.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Turning the Fuel Grade Ethanol into Food Grade Ethanol via Cyclic Distillation Columns

Today for fuel grade ethanol plant with big capacity there is a cost effective solution - the part of plant capacity converted to production of ethanol food grade. For fuel grade ethanol plant that uses as raw materials wheat/corn our company proposes technology solution in turning the fuel grade ethanol into food grade ethanol. We are doing audit of existing fuel grade ethanol plant and adapted our technology to the current production and customer requirements. To turning the fuel grade ethanol production into food grade ethanol is necessary adding additional distillation columns in distillation department.
Cyclic Distillation Columns

For cleaning ethanol from impurities we will use innovation technology of cyclic distillation. This innovation confirms by patens of USA, Europe, Russia and others countries. Mass transfer efficiency of cyclic distillation in 2…3 time height that classical distillation. The number of distillation tray in 2…3 less that classical.

Maleta cyclic distillation LLC has great experience in production high quality ethanol food grade. The main indicators of quality are organoleptic and physical chemical properties. In production high quality ethanol food grade we use many of know-how and highly effective distillation columns.