Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Reactive Distillation Column

Why need for reactive distillation column in industries

reactive distillation column

Reactive distillation is actually a state of the art technology that will combine both chemical reaction and distillation in a single operating step. The reactive distillation column will enable this opportunity to the industrialists with lower initial investments and better operational benefits.

The reactive distillation technology is highly beneficial and valuable technology for equilibrium reactions like desertification. An original reaction takes place in the particular section of the reactive distillation column. The level of chemical conversion will be increased by continuously removing reaction products one by one from the reaction zone.

The distillation process is a main reason for this removal of conversions from the distillation column. Packed columns and tray both are used for this separation purpose in the industries. Many of the industries are using this reactive distillation column in the form of selected chemical reactions. It will allow industrialists to get higher product yields and it only requires the few equipments.

This requirement of fewer types of equipment will save more money and will provide safe environment to the industrial experts. Reactive distillation unit will use only minimal amount of distillation column with less energy consumption. That is why it will be beneficial and profitable for high yield production in the industries.