Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Distillation Trays + Structured Packing Enable to Partition Bubbling Layer on Height and Increase Efficiency

Tray column and  packed column widespread use in chemical, petrochemical and other industries to separate liquid mixtures. Today, high efficiency of mass transfer is one of key factors influencing the choice of column type. Our company proposes additional increasing mass transfer efficiency by placement structured packing between distillation trays.

Most efficient using of the structured packing is achieved in a flooded her condition, in the mode of emulsification. In this case, increases the mass transfer area and the volumetric mass transfer coefficient is 2-3 times. Cyclic distillation technology is able to raise efficiency of mass transfer due to the location structured packing between the Maleta trays. For cyclic distillation there is no fluid motion at the tray, as result we have effect of partitioning the bubble layer by height.

Technological advantages: 

·        Possibility to set structured packing between the trays (including a fluidized  layer);
·        The increase in the volume mass transfer coefficient is 2-3 times;
·        Partition bubbling layer on height. 

Cyclic distillation technology gives opportunities to combine all the advantages of tray and  packed column.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Tray Divided Wall Distillation Column Your Effective Solution

Nowadays distillation process despite its high energy consumption is the main separation technique in ethanol, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and chemical factory. The divided wall distillation column (DWC) and is considered a very attractive solution for reduction of energy and investment in separation distillation.

Maleta cyclic distillation LLC in 2014 year build first tray divided wall distillation column DN 1500/1700 mm that operation in cyclic mode. The cyclic distillation technology has opportunity to combine the required number of columns for the separation of multicomponent mixtures in a one column and have advantages over usual parked DWC-columns:

  • price of tray dividing-wall columns is much lower than common DWC-column;
  • better process control
  • simpler column design;
  • the uniform arrangement of liquid on the tray;
  • faster and more precise installation;
  • mass transfer efficiency of cyclic distillation;
  • faster and simpler revamping of existing column.

We propose next configurations of the tray dividing-wall columns: azeotropic dividing-wall columns; reactive dividing-wall columns; extractive dividing-wall columns; dividing-wall columns for four-component mixtures.

Our company supplies full engineering service for DWC technology - simulation, design, manufacturing, additional project equipment, chef installation, guaranty and post-guaranty service.