Friday, 18 September 2015

Dividing Wall Column

Cut Capital and Energy Cost of your Next Revamp with Dividing Wall Column. Renovation Service

➽ Our company specializes in developing, designing and implementation of mass transfer equipment and engineering systems. Our equipment always designed and manufactured in an optimal ratio price / quality and with using the latest advances in science and technology. 

Benefits of Cooperation with Maleta cyclic distillation LLC: 
  • Our clients receive highest profitability of the production with minimal financial and time investments 
  • Improving product quality and reduce waste production
  • The reliable operation of equipment with wide range of capacity
  • Using our technology “cyclic distillation process” will allow provide the leading position in the market

➽ The combination of our knowledge, experience and scientific innovations enable us to provide our customers with unique solutions and maximize the financial profitability 

➽ One of our cases of service is replacement service. It is include: feasibility studies, column and tray design, process simulation, pilot plant testing, plant optimization, installation, start-up and staff training, guaranty service. 

➽ Today, for our client we will propose - transform your traditional two-column system to one dividing wall column. Maleta cyclic distillation is propose new solution in dividing wall column (DWC) technology – to use our high efficiency tray dividing wall columns. DWC technology represents a mechanical implementation of fully thermally coupled distillation that not only saves significant amounts of energy but is both more efficient and cost effective than conventional distillation methods.

➽ Thus the choice for your technology process a Maleta tray dividing wall column for today it‘s not really a risk, neither for construction nor for plant operation.